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USAC's mission is to collect universal service contributions from telecommunications carriers and distribute these funds across the four universal service programs: High Cost, Lifeline, Rural Health Care, and Schools and Libraries. USAC carries out this mission under the oversight of the FCC and has no role in setting or advocating universal service policy or law.

USAC can help journalists with questions about universal service in many different areas, including collection and disbursement of universal service funds, information available on our website, and other activities to do with administering universal service programs.

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Annual Report

USAC files an annual report with the FCC and Congress by March 31, reporting on operations, activities, and accomplishments for the prior year.

USAC Annual Report Current Issue: 2016 Annual Report
View past issues in the Annual Report Archive.

Fast Facts

See at-a-glance information about the four programs and fund administration at USAC Fast Facts.


View frequently asked questions about universal service, universal service collections and disbursements, and USAC in our Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Media Contacts

Members of the media can contact USAC for more information about our organization, Universal Service Fund data, or other areas of interest.

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