About USAC

USAC's Open Data

USAC has begun to put into place an open data strategy. This will allow us to make our data open and accessible to our stakeholders and to the general public.

What is Open Data?

"Open data" is a set of practices, approaches, and principles that organizations use to make data sets available in an equitable and reliable way. Data can then be freely used, re-used, and redistributed by anyone.

USAC's goals are to:

  • provide high-value data sets for USAC stakeholders,
  • increase accessibility of these data sets, using industry standard practices, and
  • work collaboratively with partners to make best use of these data.

USAC stakeholders currently use data generated by USAC's processes. For example, carriers, academics, consultants, think tanks, and government agencies use these data in a variety of ways to track the progress of applications, identify opportunities for improvement, and measure our collective progress in providing connectivity service to all Americans.

You can find our current data retrieval tools on the following pages:

In late 2015, USAC established an open data working group to accelerate its open data practices and make data sets more easily accessible using industry standards.


We are taking a five-step approach to opening USAC's data.

Create a pilot program with an API for the FCC Form 471

  • Identify high-value data sets
  • Identify an open data road map
  • Make the data deliverable
  • Make the data discoverable

Our Pilot: FCC Form 471 Data

We are currently working on making one high-value data set available through a new API for FCC Form 471 data. We are actively seeking input on the kinds of data and formats that would be most useful to our stakeholders.

For more information or to provide your feedback, visit our FCC Form 471 API page.

Ongoing Efforts

As we open additional data sets, we will be requesting your comment regarding your needs. This page will be updated as USAC continues to develop and roll-out this strategy.

For More Information

Contact our Open Data team with your questions at opendata@usac.org.